Mum of the Month: Abby Plested

Each month we introduce you to our Mum of the Month. Inspiring women, strong role-models and kick-ass Mums, all sharing their working women’s wit and wisdom with us.

This month we chat to Abby Plested – Mum to three gorgeous kids, one of New Zealand’s top Social Media Influencers and Freelance Makeup Artist.

Working Mumma Abby shares some of her Mum life hacks with us.


1.How has life changed since you’ve had baby Adelaide?

The juggle has got more real!!!!


2.Life must be pretty busy with three kids. What are some Mum life hacks you can share with some of our readers?

Organisation is everything. I find I enjoy my kids  more if I have spent more time preparing for the day ahead or week. Keeping the communication priority with my husband is a big one also.


3.What’s Adelaide’s favourite food?

Anything and everything!!!! However, She does seem eat the most at dinner and that’s usually meat + vege.


4. What’s Adelaide’s most disliked food?

I actually have not come across anything she does not like at the moment. We are lucky.


5. What did you find the most challenging when starting Adelaide on solids?

The whole theory behind do you start them on fruit or vege.


6. What’s the best thing about being a Mum?

The best thing would be the feeling of having purpose here and getting to help grow and shape them. Also my older kids crack me up every single day. I Swear I don’t take life so seriously when I’m around them.


6.What’s the most challenging thing about being a Mum?

Trying to be it all. Mum, Wife, Friend, daughter etc etc


7.How does Dan help you to be the best Mum you can be?

By not leaving his socks on the ground 😉


8.What is the thing you’re most proud of that Adelaide can do right now?

The biggest grin ever!! Its so cute!


9.Do you have any advice out there for other working Mums?

Start your day with intention. Take moments to breathe. Know that your not alone in the juggle. Be engaged with whatever you are doing. If its at work be engaged with your work. If its with the kids turn the radio off in the car and actually talk to them. Its not about the amount of time we have but the quality.  You are doing such a good job. I just know it.

A x