How does the food stay fresh in transit?

Meals are transported in our freezer-grade boxes with non-toxic frozen ice packs that contain only water. The food is transported in an insulated box in the courier. If you will not be home please leave a chilly bin on your doorstep for the driver to place your delivery in. 

When do you deliver?

Order cut off time is 7pm Monday for Thursday delivery. You will receive an email when your order is on the way.

What if I am not home when you deliver?

Our driver has authority to leave the order on your doorstep, there is a space for special shipping instructions when you place your order if you prefer it to be left somewhere else. Because our products need to stay chilled, we recommend that you leave out a chilly bin if you will not be home at the time of delivery. All orders will be delivered packed with ice, but we recommend to get them into the fridge as soon as possible. Remember we can deliver to workplace addresses too!

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver nationwide within New Zealand. Please note that we cannot deliver to rural addresses.

How much does delivery cost?

Please check our shipping calculator on the checkout page to find out how much it costs to ship to your area.

Can I pick up my order from your production facility?

Unfortunately we are unable to have orders picked up from our production facility due to health and safety.

How do I return my Poly boxes?

1. If you have 3 poly boxes please email us at delivery@futurefoody.co.nz and we will email you return courier tickets to print out.
2. Please tape the boxes together and attach a courier sticker to the top.
3. Place the boxes on your doorstep, ready for collection.
4. You can click on the email link to book your collection or let us know and we can book it for you.
5. Boxes will be collected within 24 hours and returned to us so we can use them again.

Please note that unfortunately we cannot action returns for the South Island at this stage, only the North Island.


How does Future Foody work?

Pick a subscription plan or mixed box that fits your baby’s nutritional stage. Currently, we offer single-ingredient purees in our Stage 1: 21 Days to Solids plan, as well as our Stage 2 fresh pots & Stage 3 fresh pots. Our recipes are carefully designed by a nutritionist and a chef, to be both delicious and nutritionally dense. We ship your fresh meals once a week, and you can pause or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Is Future Foody available in retail stores too?

Yes we are available in Farro Fresh stores Auckland wide. 

How much do your plans cost?

Stage One:

7 fresh pots (110g) per week- $29 per week

14 fresh pots (110g) per week- $55 per week

21 fresh pots (110g) per week- $79 per week

Stage Two & Three:

7 fresh pots (110g) per week- $36 per week

14 fresh pots (110g) per week- $59 per week

21 fresh pots (110g) per week- $86 per week

How can I cancel or pause my plan?

Sure! You can pause, cancel or change your plan in the ‘Account’ section of our website.

Can I purchase a plan for somebody else?

Yes, absolutely! Our plans make a wonderful gift to support busy families. Enter their details when you are making the order, or alternatively you can purchase a gift voucher from our website and let them choose their own meals.

Can I order individual products?

Yes, you sure can! Please note there is a minimum order of 8 fresh pots. Check out www.futurefoody.co.nz/individual-products


Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, all our packaging is curbside recyclable, we are working towards all our packaging being biodegradable in future. Our poly bins are not recyclable but if you collect 6 of them let us know and we will organise a courier pick up so we can reuse them.

Are the fresh pots microwave, freezer & dishwasher safe?

Yes, they are, although we recommend spooning the required amount into a designated heat-safe container before microwaving. Always check the temperature of the food before serving to your baby.


Nutrition & Ingredients

Are all your fresh pots organic?

Yes, we are proud to say that all our ingredients are organic and spray free.

How are your products fresh?

Our food is cooked in accordance with strict MPI regulations and approval. Our chefs work with registered food technicians and MPI approved evaluators to ensure our processes are 100% in accordance with NZ law and governing regulations. We have put our product through strict and comprehensive testing programs with registered laboratories. It is produced in a sterile environment and hot filled into tubs, which are then sealed. This means we can achieve a 15 day shelf life on our products, provided it is kept chilled. Once the product has been opened we recommend using it within 24 hours. 

Do your meals contain preservatives?

No they do not. Fresh and simple!

Do you produce vegetarian and vegan meals?

Yes, a lot of our meals do not contain animal products. Please check ingredients before ordering or you can double check with us if you are unsure.

Are your meals gluten free?

Yes, none of our baby products contain gluten.  

In our kids range, both the Shep’s Pie and Super Beans are gluten free.

Are your meals dairy free?

Yes, none of our Baby products contain any dairy.  

In our kids range, our Super Beans are dairy free.

Are your meals peanut free?

Yes, none of our products contain peanuts. We avoid all tree nuts in our products with the exception of coconuts, which do not commonly trigger allergic reactions.

Are your meals sugar free?

Yes, all our baby meals are refined-sugar free. We do not add any sugar to our meals. The delicious flavours of our products come directly from the contents of the natural, nutritious ingredients.

Our Kids Meals are Low Sugar.

Are your meals salt free?

Yes, we do not add any salt to our baby meals.

Ou Kids Meals are Low Salt.

What is the shelf life of your fresh pots?

Our food has a 15-day shelf life, please check the bottom of individual jars to confirm the use by date of each product.

Where are your meals produced?

All our baby food is produced in our special MPI certified production kitchen. We work to the highest health & safety regulations so only certified people may enter our facility to ensure the safety and quality of our products.


What process do you use to cook your meals?

Softcare is the method we use to prepare our ‘Fresh pots’. Our chefs cook in small batches, at lower temperatures, without applying pressure. The gentler you treat produce the better the nutritional outcome and flavour is. We dont freeze, retort or work with concentrates or frozen bulk products. Filling our tubs while the product is still hot ensures there are no nasties, the tub is sealed and then we then chill it as fast as possible. The end result is a  product that is convenient, fresh and nutritionally dense.

Is it ok to feed my baby half and then store in fridge to feed the rest later?

Yes, you can, but ensure you use a clean spoon each time to avoid cross-contamination. We recommend that once opened the product is always stored in the fridge and consumed within 24 hours.

Can I freeze meals and defrost again later?

We recommend that these blends are eaten fresh as they are full of nutrients with a nice silky texture, however if you do want to freeze some then you can put any unopened tubs in the freezer for up to 3 months. When defrosting again, be aware that some of the consistency of the product may change, we cannot guarantee our product quality after freezing. Defrosted meals should be consumed within 48 hours.

Can I take a meal with me when we are out and about?

Yes, we recommend putting the jars into a cooler bag with an ice pack to keep them fresh. With food-safety paramount, we do not recommend consumption if meals have been stored at over 5 degrees for more than two hours.

Why do you use low-fruit ingredients?

We include as many vegetables as possible to keep our food nutrient-dense. Vegetables are the perfect first food for babies! We also include fruit in several of our fresh pot blends. 

Why do you include oils in the blends?

Fats and oils are crucial for absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, supporting healthy immune systems and optimal brain development. Flaxseed contains Omega 3 fatty acids and coconut contains lauric acid which is a fatty acid in breast milk. We introduce oils in our Stage 2 & 3 blends. 

What should I do if my baby doesn’t like a food?

It is important to expose babies to a wide range of flavours while their tastebuds are developing. If they don’t like something the first time, just try again another time. It could be that they are tired, overwhelmed, or simply not hungry and they may give it a go next time. Sometimes they will screw up their face at food but it doesn’t mean that they don’t like the taste, they are just experiencing a new taste and adjusting to the new process of eating.

What can I do if I have a specific question about nutrition?

We have a Facebook support group, ‘Future Foody – Starting Solids Support Group’, that you are welcome to join. The page is moderated by our nutritionist, who will help with any questions or concerns you may have about feeding your child. If you have specific product-related questions or feedback please email us at hello@futurefoody.co.nz and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the philosophy behind what you do?

Fresh is the philosophy behind what we do. We decided to go against conventional methods of producing baby food such as high heat, high pressure, freezing or retorting. These traditional methods of preparing baby food ensure a shelf stable product that works really well for supermarket shelves. However, we are more concerned about ensuring your little one gets the best nutrition, as we believe your baby’s food should never be older than your baby. We apply this fresh way of thinking to everything we do, from the way we work with our growers to the way our nutritionist designs our products. Our chefs apply gentle cooking techniques so our product tastes delicious and has a beautiful vibrant colour. Delivered to your door, we want to make this as easy as possible for you, so you get more quality time with your loved one.