At Future Foody we understand that starting solids can be a confusing time for parents, thats why our nutritionist Larissa Beeby has put together a few resources to help you out. Our free downloadable ‘Starting Solids Guide‘ has everything that you need to get you and your baby off to a healthy start. If you want to make life easy for yourself, we also offer a downloadable ‘21 Days to Solids‘ plan. When first starting solids we recommend introducing single flavour purées for three days at a time to make sure your baby has no allergies and ease them into the process. This plan is available for purchase here, we will make all the purées fresh and deliver to your door weekly. How easy is that!

What we believe in and why your baby is eating it

Future Foody believes in baby food that is the real deal.  Baby food that is fresh, organic, nutrient dense and free from any little nasties (artificial, refined sugar and salt).

Our meals will nourish your growing Future Foody’s body, mind and develop their tiny taste buds.  During the first 12 months of life your baby goes through rapid growth and development and it is during this time that solid food is introduced.  Nutrient dense foods are not only crucial for your baby’s immediate health but also as they grow.

To give your baby the best start, Future Foody meals are based on:

Nutrient density
  • Iron, this nutrient is so incredibly crucial that mother nature created newborns with stores to fulfil their needs for their first 4-6 months.  This one of the reasons its important to start solids around this time.
  • Iodine is crucial for brain devlopement
  • Zinc is essential for developemt of the nervous system, the gut, the immunity and the endocrine (hormone) system,
  • Calcium is essential for growing bones and bodies

Vegetables are not only the best source of carbohydrate for babies but they also provide vitamins, minerals, fibre, and even some protein and dietary fat! Creating a preference for vegetables from the start means a better chance that these superfoods are eaten for life.

Gut Health

The bacteria in our gut makes up 75% of our immune system – your baby’s gut is still developing.  Introducing solids is one of the key stages of this development.

Fibre is an important food source for the mircobes in the gut and also acts as a sort of broom to keep the intestines clean.

Probiotics provide the good bacteria to the gut while prebitoics feed them.


Protein is essential for growth and repair. Considering this is the most rapid time for growth, good quality protein will help nourish your baby.

Healthy fat

Fat intake for babies is estimated to be 50% of energy intake, so its important they get the right type. Fat is essential to develop a healthy nervous system, hormone production, cognition, vision and immunity, provides the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and not to mention is essential for brain development.  It doesn’t irritate the gut and actually slows down the rate food leaves the stomach meaning a more sustained release of energy and less dips and spikes in blood sugar levels. This can make a huge difference in your babies sleep too (yay!)

Free Resources

Starting Solids Guide

21 Days to Solids meal plan


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