Our Nutritionist

Meet our expert, child health nutritionist

Larissa Beeby is a New Zealand Registered Nutritionist, who is degree qualified and has the philosophy that diet and lifestyle is the foundation for health and wellness.

With over 10 years experience, she has worked in the food industry, private consultancy and at the Heart Foundation managing a programme for schools and early childhood education services.  Her passion is pregnancy and infant nutrition and helping families to create healthy and sustainable relationships with food.

Larissa is an integral part of our ‘Foody Families’ charity, where we run cooking classes to teach parents how to prepare fresh nutritious meals for their children at home. All proceeds from these classes go to preparing healthy meals for those in need in our community.

Being Mum, to Maisie she knows first hand what it is like and is also passionate about empowering and guiding parents with nutrition knowledge through their own journey.