Our Story

Our story

Future Foody was born while navigating the struggles that every new parent faces, juggling work and family life, while wanting to do the best for your baby at the same time.

When our daughter Tallulah, arrived, our world was turned upside down when she was born with pneumonia and we came close to losing her. When health is in question, it becomes the most important thing ever, especially when it’s that of a tiny baby. So, as every parent is, right from day one we were committed to providing the best for her. Especially in supporting her healthy growth and development.

Coming from a hospitality background and being passionate foodies ourselves, we were excited to get Tallulah started on solids. In our industry, the ability to taste and identify flavour profiles is a refined and highly-regarded skill so developing her palate and exposing her to a wide range of healthy foods, flavours and textures was important.

I certainly had the best of intentions…until the time came, and as a new mum I was just too exhausted! Breastfeeding, sleep-deprived and all the while assisting in running our restaurants remotely, I barely had the time or energy to feed myself each day, let alone prepare nutritious, organic, home-made baby food. I really struggled and searched for something I could easily buy that was as good as homemade. Seeking out the purees in the baby food aisle, I quickly noticed that these were not the kind of foods that I wanted our girl to eat. Many had additives and, with a rather extended shelf-life, they certainly weren’t prepared fresh.

It appeared that everyone was facing the same struggle. It is a task in itself to understand what foods are suitable for a baby’s fragile digestive system and when it is ok to introduce them, let alone actually making these foods fresh & storing them safely. If only everyone had their own team of chefs to take the hard work out of it!

Partnering with two other mums, PR guru Jade Hart and registered nutritionist Larissa Beeby, Future Foody was born. With the mission to provide fresh, organic baby food that is not only delicious, but dare I say, better than what you can make at home. Better because all our produce is grown local, organic and spray-free. Better because our meals are curated by our nutritionist, which takes the guess-work out of what foods to feed and when. Better because you will be developing your baby’s palate and providing them with a wide range of nutritious and tasty foods.

Our goal is to support parents through all stages of their baby’s development by providing the best product to nurture and support good health. We look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Our mission

Future Foody is a nutritionist curated meal delivery program, focused on optimising the nutrition that babies get in their first 1000 days. Our menus are designed and cooked fresh by chefs, using the best organic, NZ grown produce. We combine superfoods with modern techniques to create meals that are nutritionally dense, delicious and convenient.

From our ethical, organic growers to your highchair within days. We say no to mum guilt and yes to healthy happy families!

Charity starts at home

Children are our future! We started our ‘Future Families’ charity to support parents in making healthy choices for their families. Our community cooking classes are run by our head chef and nutritionist to show mums and dads how they can cook fresh, nutritious food for their children at home. These classes are not-for-profit and all proceeds from the classes are used to prepare healthy meals for those in need in our community. We also donate all unused, perishable food to community food banks.