Stage One Subscription- 4+ months- 21 days to solids

From: $29.00 / week

4+ months – Let’s start simple, one food at a time. Our ’21 Days to Solids’ plan will take your baby through a range of smooth puree’s designed to nourish and delight with their first taste of solids. To rule out any allergies, this plan will take you through three days at a time of each new flavour. For example, if you order 7 meals, Week one you’ll receive 3 x Pumpkin, 3 x Kumara, 1 x Rainbow Chard. If you order 14 or 21 meals you’ll receive these flavours again x 2 or x 3 so you can feed your baby 1, 2 or 3 meals per day. Once the 21 days to solids plan has been finished and each flavour has been introduced you’ll receive a selection of all flavours.

Stage One products:



Rainbow carrots


Braeburn apple


Rainbow chard

Please note you can change or cancel your subscription anytime by logging into the ‘Account’ section of our website.


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